Wizpay- Banking and E-wallet Mobile app, built in Flutter

Wizpay- Banking, E-wallet, POS

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Wizpay is a Banking, E-Wallet, POS, Inventory management app, all rolled into one!

Wizpay was Build in Flutter, using Dart language. We used Firebase's Cloud Firestore as our choice for a non sql realtime Database. Authentication, Cloud Notifications, in app messenging, everything is done by Firebase.


Our goal with Wizpay for us was to maje the whole process of using E-payment and inventory management apps simple and easy to use. Traditional Apps and softwares were clunky, throwing whole lot of things at you at the same time, confusing even an experiences shopkeeper.

Wizpay Mobile banking, ewallet, POS, inventory management app Shop

We wanted the app to be so simple, even a shopkeeper with no tech experience can use easily, but is also scalable enough to fit the needs of bigger shops and Malls.

Wizpay Mobile banking, ewallet, POS, inventory management app Shopkeeper
Small 'Kirana' Shop in India

These small shop owners almost never have the affordablity to get a card reader, and pay the monthly fees. The only solution prior to Wizpay for them to accept cashless payments was to accept money from apps like PayTm, Google Pay, Mobiquick, etc.

These apps are primarily E-wallet applications, and their focus was never merchant based. Shop owners could not see their inventories, schedule notifications, query past data with more information then just the payment details, did not have any recurring payments, the list continues.
This is where we saw the need for a new market segment, ready to get filled by Wizpay.