As a mobile app developer, you have already decided which sort of application you need to develop. It is for Android, iOS, or desktop. However, if you are a beginner and do not know from which platform you want to begin. It depends on which type of technologies or platform you want to use in your mobile app development process. This type of choice helps you to decide which technology you want to learn.

As per the demand for cross-platform development in the world of technology, flutter mobile app developer is the best option for you as a beginner. With Flutter, you can develop mobile applications for multiple platforms with one codebase and have more advanced technologies for your mobile app development. In this article, you will learn all about Flutter, the pros and cons of Flutter app development, and whether Flutter is worth it or not.

What is Flutter app development?

What is flutter app development?

What is flutter app development?

Flutter is an open-source UI kit and framework, which is provided by Google and helps mobile app developers develop multiple platform applications with one codebase. Flutter app development is a method involved with developing mobile apps using the Flutter framework. According to, there are 100,000+ flutter apps present on the Google Play Store. Flutter app code can undoubtedly be utilized for one, two, or more application development for multiple platforms.

Pros of Flutter app development

Single Codebase for Multiple Platforms

Flutter is one of the high-demand technologies where you can foster applications with a single codebase for multiple platforms. It can save the time of mobile app developers who require creating different applications for different platforms. It permits developers to make one codebase and utilize it for many platforms like iOS, Android, or desktop.


Flutter's architecture facilitates scalability as projects grow in complexity, allowing for easy integration of new features and updates. Scalability is involved in flutter to writing codes that can effortlessly add new features without causing system breaking. Thanks to its architecture, flutter is more scalable than other native app development approaches.  

Hot Reload Feature

One of the most outstanding benefits of the Flutter app development is its hot reload feature. The Hot Reload feature helps mobile app developers upgrade the code and check the result without restarting the app. This feature gives better insight to mobile app developers in the development process by allowing fine-tuning and tests of the code. Moreover, this feature also enhances efficiency, productivity, and ability to tackle the issues. That makes the Flutter app more significant among other technologies.

Rich Set of Customizable Widgets

Flutter has customized and readymade widgets. These widgets are used to create the appearance and interface of mobile apps. In Flutter, widgets are the building blocks where you can build the UI for the application. Moreover, you can create layout, views, and framework features with the customized widgets.

High Performance

Factors like CPU usage, frame and request number per second, and more features extraordinarily affect the performance of the mobile app.  Flutter is the best option for getting high-performance apps. Because the flutter rate is 60fps, it increases the screen display and smooths the picture of the mobile app. Moreover, to give the best performance, it uses a native approach with dart programming and builds high performance of the Flutter mobile app.

Open Source Flexibility

Flutter has the flexibility of open source, which allows developers and companies to use this framework for their mobile applications. It is the best option for beginners or small-sized companies to use its free and flexible features to develop their apps for multiple platforms.

Rapid Development and Time-to-Market

Flutter can enhance the time to market of your application because you need to write code one time and create an app for multiple platforms. Therefore, your mobile app development process is faster than other apps. It only happens that Flutter has plenty of features that help the developer on the excursion of app development.

Rich UI

You can create expressive and declarative UI to use the customized widgets from Flutter. This framework assists you with building a compelling visual appearance for your mobile app. The user interface is not only for appearance but also ensures the same user experience for all the platforms.

Cons of Flutter app development

Large App Size

The mobile app created through Flutter is large, so no one wants a mobile app that occupies more space in their mobile phone. Because heavy mobile apps can slow down mobile phones. Sometimes, it is difficult to reload the app, now flutter provides features like tree shaking that removes the extra code while creating apps to give a better user experience.

Limited Libraries and Third-Party Integrations

Yeah! Flutter has many pros, yet it additionally has cons. One of them is limited third-party libraries. Because this framework is new to the market, that is why, it is not easy to find third-party libraries and free packages. All the plugins and packages that are available on Flutter are relatively new. So, it is still in the upgrading process and improvement phase.

Learning Curve for new flutter app developers

The language of Flutter is dart programming, and it is not difficult to learn for developers. Because it is designed as accessible for the developer due to their different programming background. But that as it may, there seems to be a learning curve for those developer who are new to programming. Moreover, it depends on developers because some developers find it easy to learn, but some take some time to learn.

 Limited Access to Native APIs

There is limited access to native features in the Flutter app development process. Because Flutter provides a vast range of plugins and packages for devices, that is why, some native features are not available on Flutter. This drawback concerns some apps that depend on native features. Mobile app developers must find custom solutions and coat an extra layer in the development process to solve this problem.

Potential Performance Issues on Older Devices

Flutter applications are well known for their high performance, but these apps encounter issues on old devices. These apps did not run smoothly on the old devices due to rigid memory and limited processing power. It can affect the performance of mobile apps, which is why a Flutter app developer should be mindful of it.

Is Flutter Good for Mobile App Development or Not

Is Flutter good for mobile app development or not

Is Flutter good for mobile app development or not

Yeah! Flutter is best for mobile app development because it has more pros than cons. With the help of the Flutter app development process, you can create high-performance, beautiful, customized, and best cross-platform mobile apps. These mobile applications can fit the needs and requirements of your client. Moreover, mobile app developers like to work with Flutter to create one application for different platforms that saves their time and effort. The Flutter developer community gives a collaborative and positive environment, packages, and resources that offer help to young Flutter app developers.

Live examples of Flutter app development

There are many live examples of Flutter app development in the world. In addition, these applications are popular and give a better experience to the user. Here are some examples of Flutter.


Source: GitHub

Source: GitHub

Alibaba Chinese e-commerce is the world's best example of Flutter. Millions of users use this platform daily. It is only possible because developers used Flutter technology to create this masterpiece.

Google Ads

Source: Zestminds

Source: Zestminds

Google Ads is an online advertising company that assists you in advertising online of your goods and products for people. It is enhanced through the features of Flutter that make it quicker and more independent. The feature of the app has notifications, budgets, and getting in touch with experts of Google.


Source: , Flutter

Source: , Flutter

Tencent is an international digital goods supplier that also uses flutter technology in several applications like DingDang, AITeacher, K12, and more.

Pros Cons
Single Codebase: Write code once and deploy across multiple platforms, saving time and effort in development. Large App Size: Flutter apps tend to have a larger file size compared to native apps.
Hot Reload: Instantly view changes without restarting the app, speeding up the development process. Platform-Specific UI: Achieving pixel-perfect designs and platform-specific UI may require effort.
Rich UI: Customize visually stunning and highly interactive user interfaces with Flutter's rich set of widgets. Learning Curve: While Dart is easy to learn, there may be a learning curve for new Flutter developers.
Performance: Compiled to native ARM code for high performance and smooth animations, ensuring a great user experience. Platform Maturity: Flutter is still relatively young compared to other frameworks.
Scalability: Flutter's architecture facilitates scalability as projects grow in complexity, allowing for easy integration of new features and updates.
Low Learning Curve: Dart's developer-friendly syntax and comprehensive documentation streamline the learning process, enabling developers to become productive quickly.
Rich Library Ecosystem: Access a wide range of libraries and packages for various needs, accelerating development and reducing time-to-market.
Limited Libraries: Flutter provides a rich ecosystem of open-source libraries, including almost all popular libraries available on


We hope you get deep knowledge about the Flutter app development and its benefits that are good for your business. Yeah, flutter is the new framework by Google, which is why it gained popularity among the developers and tech world. Moreover, its UI, accessibility, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness make it different from other technologies. Flutter has more pros than cons that give a helping hand to the developers and save their time. In addition, it has been used in many industries like Alibaba, Google Ads, Tencent, and more that develop by using widgets of Flutter app development.