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Are you looking for Lawyer and Client mobile app solution for your potential and existing Clients?

Do you wish you had greater control on all the cases and clients, and have the information everywhere you go?

  • Android and iOS Apps
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with multiple payment options
  • Free consultation
  • Ready-to-go solution
  • Customized Plans and Solutions

Law firm Delivery App for Legal firms to Speed Up Your Business Growth

Technology is becoming ubiquitous these days. Penetrance of technology is not restricted to one field, but it is applied in lot many arenas. Law firms are not any exception, even there exist mobile apps for the various law firms.

The law industry is witnessing the adaptation of technology since 2013 and the usage of these apps has reached 62% in the American Lawyer 200 & Global 100. Even the usage of Websites has become old fashion, while people have shifted to the usage of mobile apps, and this number accounts for about 87% of the users.

Hire Lar firm app developer to create your responsive online law firm client management and case management app!

Law firm App Developer Expertise

  • Lawyer (Staff) Mobile App (Android and iOS)

  • Client Mobile App (Android and iOS)

If Yes! Then our solutions are perfect for you. Get your free on demand Law firm app development proposal now and see the transformation of your idea into reality.

Law firm Mobile App Development Solutions

Manage your Clients

  • Add your existing clients or find new prospects by releasing the apps to the app store!
  • Every Clients has their own account, and their cases related to that account.
  • Create groups, associate the groups to a case, add multiple clients and advocates.

Chat with Clients

  • Lawyers can Log into the Staff app to have chat with all their clients in a single app. No need for managing multiple unsecure applications for sending and receiving messages.
  • Chats with every clients, in a single place.
  • Create groups, associate the groups to a case, add multiple clients and advocates.

Manage Cases and Case files

  • Add all the case files to the app, which securely backups all the files to cloud.
  • No need to carry around all the papers everywhere you go.
  • Make every file searchable.
  • No worries if your device gets stolen, lost, or breaks. Since the files live securely on cloud, you will be able to re download them in such an event.

Appointments and Scheduling

  • Clients can request appointments with lawyers / advocates, and lawyers can create appointments with their clients.
  • Multiple clients, and lawyers and advocates can be invited.
  • All the members invited to the meet / appointment can either accept or reject this appointment.

Mobile app for Client

  • Onboard your existing clients, and gain more clients by releasing your apps on the App Stores.


Get notifications for every
  • message
  • appointment
  • case

Law firm Client management and staff mobile app for your Business

See increase in clients

Increase the clients engagement and satisfaction bu providing them an all in one solution for managing all aspects of their hearings and cases.

Following up with appointments, payments, and staying on top of every sentencing was never this easy!

Ease of life for your Clients Ease of life for your Clients
Case and Clients management Easy case management on your fingertips

Case and Clients management

Manage all the cases easily

Manage clients easily.

Law firm Client management and staff mobile app for your Business

All the features of Law firm Client management and staff mobile app for your Business

  • Log In
  • Chats
  • Calendar
  • Cases
  • Case Files
  • Profile
  • Notifications
  • Profile

  • Group chat
  • Appointment
  • Meeting
  • Payment Options
  • Chat account management
  • Search
  • Chat info
  • Push Notifications

Law firm Client management and staff mobile app for your Business Solutions

Comprehend your tasks from receiving the cases to setting the appointments with the clients, chatting, everything is managed efficiently with the mobile apps.


Lawyer (Staff) App

Distribute the Staff App to all the advocates/lawyers in your firm.\nAlso have the ability to customise the administrative privileges and access rights for each and every user


  • ckeck Phone number Authentication
  • ckeck User management
  • ckeck One on one chats and Group chats
  • ckeck Add cases and case files

Client App

Distribute the Client app to all your clients.\nThey can log into their accounts and manage their chats, cases, and manage meetings, all in the same place.


  • ckeck Easy and familiar Chat interface
  • ckeck Easily organise meetings
  • ckeck Get timely notifications

Key-Features of Law firm App Development

Social Media Login

OTP / Social Media Login

Rating and Reviews

Rating and Reviews

Push Notification

Push Notification

In-App Payments

In-App Payments




Prising management



Driver Assigning to Order

User access management

Payment Collection Monitoring

Payment Collection Monitoring

Order Monitoring

Appointment and Calender management

Order Verification

Client Case and Case file Management

Your Law Firm Company

You may agree that the legal sphere is one of the slowest in integrating new technologies. For this reason, some companies are keeping records about legal cases, recent client documents, and even accounting, in the form of paper records. Such an approach significantly complicates access to legal cases and communication with clients. At the same time, law firm apps can make all these documents accessible in a matter of a click, improve legal client experience, build transparency, loyalty, and trust to your law firm.

If you are considering developing a mobile app for your law firm, be rest assured the development is very well worth it.

But first, let's find out what benefits a mobile app might bring to your law firm.

  • 96%

    of of the law firms all over the world use hard copies of all the cases to manage their content.

  • 85%

    of the law firms struggle with the current traditional case management system and are looking for a change.

  • 72%

    of the law firms are technologically behind, and are in a dire need of an upgrade.

  • 68%

    of the lawfirms have no online presence whatsever.

Advantages of Law Firm Mobile App Development

Online Presence

Our Lawyer Firm app developers create very familiar design for helping your clients navigate through all the screens with ease. We reshape the customer experience by embedding the seamless user interface and features. Clients get easyaccess to their lawyers and Lawyers to their clients.

Push Notification

Notify your users about the meetings and hearings. Let them know about a new message ot group message by sending them appropriate notifications.

Multiple Platform Support

Our Law Firm legal app developers design multiple platform support like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. thus, you can operate the application from any device.

24×7 Support and Maintenance

We provide our clients with pre and post maintenance services. Our team of Legal law firm app developers is skilled and highly responsive in dealing with our clients’ queries.

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