Offshore App Development Company

Trust Multiverse Software mobile experts to help your business implement industry-specific mobile iOS applications that can transform the way your company works. Multiverse Software for iOS business apps combine the power of enterprise data, analytics and AI with an elegant user experience. This combination can fundamentally redefine how your employees interact, learn, connect and perform.

Each industry has a unique set of challenges. Multiverse Software for iOS brings you industry-specific apps for specific roles — powered with enterprise data and analytics — that can be delivered through iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch devices. These apps can help you drive a new level of interactions with both employees and customers — all designed specifically for your industry needs.

From high rated apps like Extreme, Friday, and Ullu to our enterprise clients such as Healstation Organisation, Tempo, and WizPay, we endeavor to streamline workflow, integrate functions into one seamless pattern, and in turn increase the productivity of a business enterprise.

Requirement Analysis

We believe in a thorough, yet efficient, research phase in order to make sure we and our client partners have all we need to make informed product decisions.


We craft research-backed product strategies that help our process move through the key execution stages in an efficient manner, without the need to backtrack.

Product Design

Our in-house creative and design team is passionate about aesthetics and user experience, following the latest trends but also crafting new styles to disrupt the market.


Our in-house engineering group is made up of industry veterans who have “been there, done that,” and we leverage that deep experience to protect and support our client partners.

Launch & Growth

Building product is only the first step. Ongoing management and maintenance of the digital products we create is where the real challenge, and fun, begins.