Social Media Marketing

Like every other form of marketing, social media marketing too is about reaching potential customers. Helping you reach thousands of such customers at once is what we do with our social media marketing services.

At Multiverse Software, we carefully concocted mix of Facebook advertising, engaging posts, and the right time that goes into making social media marketing successful. While click farms are a reality, we do our best to get your brand real followers, and real engagement.


In this phase, we review and understand your company goals and objectives and assess Social Media marketing efforts and promotional ideas.

Also, we research on who your audience is, what is your target, who are your competitors and where you stand currently in the market.

Strategic Marketing Plan

At Multiverse, our marketing experts develop a comprehensive online marketing plan to accomplish your primary goals and objectives, both short and long term.

And engage target audiences, create promotional incentives and drive traffic to your platform.

Posting Content and Engagement

Implemention of online marketing strategies and tactics, including building out Social Media profiles, developing content, engaging consumers and pushing out promotional campaigns with incentives to purchase. This will be done via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, blogs and other social platforms like Digg, StumbleUpon, and visual social platforms like Pinterest

Review and Analysis

Periodic ongoing reviews and analysis will be provided of the marketing strategy and implementation phases.

And we make further recommendations and revising campaigns based upon our metrics.