Design and User Experience

At Multiverse, we design the user and customer experience (UX & CX) of a product or service from idea to execution with a solid design strategy.

We worked with a few domains and industries helping our clients across the globe to solve the business challenges with the help of personalized strategies, UX/UI design, communication, marketing with the design thinking at the core.


After structuring the brand’s purpose, objectives, target audience and extensive research of its competitors. We will set the best user flows and site maps which will help us in making MVP.


In this phase we try to come up with different possible solutions for the application and choose the best one.


At Mutliverse, we provide you with sketches, wireframes and UI Mockups, after deciding the Design Language which will set the best tone of voice, typography and colour scheme that will make your brand stand out.

Test and Hand-off

After conducting various types of tests such as user testing, usability testing and A/B testing we pass the final prototype.