Graphic Design and User Experience

At Multiverse, we design the user and customer experience (UX & CX) of a product or service from idea to execution with a solid design strategy.

No other design agency or company combines the same divergent skill sets and services that work together to create your brand’s big picture.

Mobile App Design

We value mobile app user experience and understand what all a mobile application can do for you. We believe “Design puts a shape to your courage.”

Web Design

Let your experience visit the ‘larger side of you’ in a distinct way with our web experience design. We consider it as a virtual entity of your brand.

Our Method

User interfaces must feel natural without many distraction or the users will get frustrated and leave the app altogether. A greater part of our design philosophy involves cutting the clutter to attain the simplest form of user experience.


After structuring the brand’s purpose, objectives, target audience and extensive research of its competitors. We will set the best user flows and site maps which will help us in making MVP.


In this phase we try to come up with different possible solutions for the application and choose the best one.


At Multiverse, we provide you with sketches, wireframes and UI Mockups, after deciding the Design Language which will set the best tone of voice, typography and colour scheme that will make your brand stand out.

Test and Hand-off

After conducting various types of tests such as user testing, usability testing and A/B testing we pass the final prototype.

Our Work

HealStation Organization (Non Profit)

When the Nonprofit HealStation organization came to us with their challenges and their aim to solve the problem of Mental health issues, we up for the challenge...
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Law firm App development design

Law Firm App

On Demand lawyer app for your Legal firm.
Client and Law firm Staff app material and minimal modern design.
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WizPay Payment Wallet

Resident Management App — UX Case Study

Creating a productive way of managing the residents.
Learn about our Design process and what makes us tick!
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