Who am I and what business did I start?

Hello! My name is Praharsh Bhatt and I’m the founder of Multiverse Software, an eminent mobile application development agency specializing in rapid and cost-effective software solutions. Our forte lies in crafting mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, accompanied by seamless web backends to facilitate their optimal performance and scalability. Based in India and Canada, our reach extends to clients across the United States, encompassing a diverse spectrum from startups to enterprise-level corporations.

Multiverse works with a wide variety of clients ranging from startups ($10k-$50k budgets) to larger enterprise organizations ($100k+ budgets). Over the past year and a half, Multiverse has nearly tripled the number of clients and inbound leads we have received, I’ll discuss how we did that a little later!

Unveiling My Odyssey and the Birth of an Idea

The foundation of my journey was laid during my middle school years, a time when the allure of software and coding began to captivate my imagination. This fascination culminated in my self-learning endeavors to develop desktop applications, marking the genesis of my love affair with software development.

The big project

The concept that would later crystallize into Multiverse Software was initially triggered by a desire to create an Iron Man Jarvis-inspired digital voice assistant. This is when I watched the movie Iron Man 1 when I was in middle school, and was awestruck by Tony Stark's smart AI Assistant JARVIS.

This aspiration aligned seamlessly with the launch of Apple's Siri, while the absence of Google Assistant served as a catalyst. In fact, a rudimentary prototype of a similar desktop software had taken shape during my middle school years – an experimental amalgamation held together by gum and duct tape. In fact, the design of this version of the JARVIS Assistant was created by me in MS Paint. Yeah, you heard that right.

Iron Man JARVIS Inspired JARVIS assistant for Windows- May, 2016.

Iron Man JARVIS Inspired JARVIS assistant for Windows- May, 2016.

Despite its unconventional appearance, it delivered tangible outcomes, allowing me to orchestrate actions such as launching applications, fetching weather updates, and even vocalizing notifications from platforms like Facebook.

Harnessing this proof of concept as a springboard, my attention shifted to the mobile arena, specifically Android. After a year of relentless dedication, I unveiled the Extreme Assistant on the Android platform, a decision that proved to be a monumental turning point. The application resonated with users, amassing an active user base of around 10 million across multiple app stores, transcending markets without a hint of marketing.

Extreme voice assistant hit 1 Million installs March, 2018

Extreme voice assistant hit 1 Million installs March, 2018

Notably, Extreme Assistant was nominated for the GMASA Awards 2018 and secured a position of prominence in Google's 'Made for Billions' initiative. This pivotal phase underscored the immense potential within the realm of application development, setting the stage for the formal establishment of Multiverse Software.

Navigating the Labyrinth: My Approach to Designing, Prototyping, and Launching Apps

Inspired by the Lean Startup Methodology's scientific approach to business initiation, I recognized its resonance with application development. Through a meticulous six-step process, Multiverse Software ensures a successful development and launch trajectory:

  1. Conceptualization: Merging mobile expertise with client ideas to establish a clear direction, thereby saving invaluable time during subsequent stages.
  2. Validation: Ensuring app viability through the "Lean App Methodology," confirming market demand before launch.
  3. Branding: Crafting an instantly recognizable app identity to drive traction and visibility.
  4. Development: Strategically architecting apps and selecting optimal technologies to facilitate future scalability.
  5. Testing: Employing an "Alpha & Beta Testing Cycle" to validate user experience and functionality.
  6. Launch: Facilitating app submission, marketing, and publicity to garner user engagement.

Unveiling the Venture: The Evolution of Multiverse Software

The formal launch of Multiverse Software necessitated a compelling online presence, a task that proved challenging for a non-web developer like myself.

At my old office, 2018

At my old office, 2018

Building Online Traction: The Power of SEO

However, the implementation of SEO proved transformative. Leveraging strategic blog posts and iterative experimentation, our ranking on Google surged. This strategic maneuver catalyzed a surge in inquiries, as our site began attracting over 10,000 visitors each month.

Success was defined by more than just numbers. Multiverse Software's commitment to maintaining transparent and robust communication with clients emerged as a pivotal driver. Regular meetings, phone calls, and seamless communication through Slack enabled clients to gain an in-depth understanding of project developments.

A concerted emphasis on affordability and efficiency propelled us forward. Standardizing project setups and leveraging our own frameworks optimized the development process, providing us with a competitive edge. By fostering transparency, delivering quality work, and ensuring financial feasibility, our clients not only returned for more but also referred our services to peers and family.

Pioneering Tomorrow: The Path Forward

Multiverse Software's present state is a testament to its enduring success. Profitable and driven by continuous improvement, we recognize the unparalleled value of referrals. This realization fuels our commitment to providing an exemplary and gratifying experience.

SEO and social media strategies have fueled exponential growth, with our website welcoming thousands of visitors. As we chart our future trajectory, our goal remains to double our monthly client base while halving development timelines.

Catalysts of Growth: Key Insights from My Entrepreneurial Journey

Reflecting on my journey, certain lessons stand out as invaluable:

  1. Prudent Hiring: The adage "hire slowly and fire quickly" holds profound truth. Rigorous vetting ensures the right fit for the team.
  2. Quality over Quantity: Don't shy away from saying no to work if it compromises quality. Prioritizing excellence over volume garners genuine client appreciation.
  3. Transparency and Reliability: Establishing trust through transparent communication and superior deliverables fosters enduring relationships.
  4. Referrals as Currency: The potency of referrals cannot be overstated. They hold immeasurable worth in building a client base.
  5. Continuous Adaptation: The dynamic landscape of app development demands continuous learning and adaptation to emerging technologies.

Evolving through Excellence: A Bright Tomorrow

The journey of Multiverse Software India encapsulates more than just technological evolution. It is a tale of perseverance, innovation, and dedication that has transformed an idea into a thriving entity. As we set our sights on the future, we remain committed to nurturing innovation, fostering client relationships, and crafting cutting-edge solutions that redefine the realm of app development.

Charting a Path Forward: Opportunities Await

Are you a talented developer or designer? Join us in shaping the future of app development. Whether your expertise lies in Flutter, iOS, Android, web, or design, your contribution could be the missing piece in our journey of innovation and excellence.

Conclusion: An Inspirational Odyssey of Innovation

The journey from an earnest curiosity about software to the helm of a distinguished mobile app development agency is a testament to the power of passion, vision, and unrelenting dedication. Praharsh Bhatt's remarkable odyssey demonstrates that excellence, transparency, and adaptability are not mere tenets, but the very building blocks of a transformative entrepreneurial voyage. As Multiverse Software India strides boldly into the future, it leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of app development, inspiring countless others to turn their dreams into awe-inspiring realities.