When your business or tech startup starts to grow, it needs new features, remove bugs, and may change according to your audience's needs. Therefore, it is necessary to hire skilled software developers to make continuous changes or develop perfect software. There are many websites where you can find freelance software developers at cheap rates and then hire them physically. However, the top five Canadian software development websites are written below, where you can find skilled freelancers.

Top five software development websites to hire freelance in Canada

Due to COVID restrictions, people started working remotely, that make the freelancing website popular. The software developer also makes an account on these websites or makes their website to provide their services online. Therefore, they can earn a handsome income to run their family. Here are the best five websites to hire freelance software developers in Canada.

Mad-web Ca: A Canadian best freelance software developer website

Source: med-web.ca

Source: med-web.ca

This freelance software website provides the services of creating and maintaining the E-stores and websites. However, other services like SEO, web design, digital marketing, PPC, web development, e-commerce SEO, content marketing, SEM, and Google Ads management are provided on this website. This freelance website gives services across Canada. You can contact them through the website and book the interview.

Upwork: Global freelance website where you can find the best Canadian freelancers

Source: Upwork

Source: Upwork

Upwork is the largest freelance platform where you can find freelancers from all over the globe. In addition, there are many categories for freelancers to join this platform rather than software developers. You can find the top Canadian freelancer to set the location according to your area. Moreover, you can hire one freelancer or team and easily collaborate with them on messenger, video call, or call. Here are some features of Upwork that make it more effective and favorable.

A versatile method of payment

Upwork have various payment method. You can pay through milestones, hourly pay, or complete pay at the end of the project. Moreover, if you are not happy with the freelance services, you can ask for a refund of your money.

Project Catalog

You can check the freelance services in the project catalog and find the freelancer according to your needs. On the project catalog, you can get the freelancer at a fixed price and do not have to pay milestone or hourly rates.

Freelancer stats

On the profile of the freelancers, you can get the stats as to their hours worked, response time, and total earnings. Moreover, you can see the customer’s review on their profile, which makes it easy to select the freelancer for your project.

Talent scout

It is the best option in Upwork. You can hire the talent scout and tell them your terms and conditions. They find the best-matched freelancer for your project, and you can save your time.

Design Crowd

Source: Turbologo

Source: Turbologo

Design Crowd is a specifically designed outsourced freelance website where you can hire freelancers among the one million freelance developers. If you want to hire a Canadian freelancer who knows the marketing trends of your area, then you can hire from here. You need to post the project details and services you want, and freelancer post their design according to your demand. In addition, you can hire a website designer who is better matched with your projects. Some features make this website prominent.

Secure payment method in CAD

You do not have to worry about the additional fees because this website supports the Canadian dollars, or you can pay in CAD.

Money back guarantee

If you did not get the design in contests or no design matches your preference, you refund your money or hire personal software freelancers.


You can view the freelancer's detailed portfolio on this website. In addition, hire a designer or software freelancer according to your needs.


Source: X.com

Source: X.com

Toptal is a platform for freelancers, whether they are software developers or others. It accepts the top 3% of best freelancers who apply on this website. When you hire a software freelancer from Toptal, it means you hire top talent across the globe or in your country. It is a remote freelancing website, and you can hire a Canadian freelance developer. This website is a bit more expensive than the other websites because you get highly experienced freelancer on their websites. The feature of this website is that:

 Professional freelancer

Toptal guarantees that you get a screened freelancer who is highly experienced in their field. They have good communication and enthusiasm for work. You did not find any freelancers on Toptal who have poor communication and work ethic.

Fast hiring

Toptal has a fast freelancer hiring process. It takes concise information from you and provides a perfectly matched freelancer according to your demands. You do not have to find freelancers and compare them to which is the best. You can hire within two to three days.

Onsite work option

Toptal provides both onsite and remote work options. If you need a personal software freelancer in Canada, then Toptal arrange the freelancer for you.

Work hoppers

Source: Hubstaff

Source: Hubstaff

It is a Canadian-based freelance website where you can find the best freelancer software developer in your area. It can provide both remote and on-site services of software development, web development, app development, SEO optimization, etc. The best part of this website is that you do not have to pay the extra fee. You pay a subscription fee and hire a freelancer according to your needs. Some features are:

Match making scenario

Work hopper provides a suitable freelancer according to your terms and location. This website helps you to search for the specific freelancer on your requirements and provides both on-site and remote freelancers.

Concierge Plan

Work hoppers provides the concierge plan to empower the freelancer on Work hoppers to interview, hiring them for you. Once you adopt this plan, you do not have to pay the fee randomly and monthly charges.

Freelancer profiles

It provides the CV, work history, education, skill test, bio, and customer reviews of freelancers. You can choose the freelancer according to your needs.

Benefits of hiring a freelance software developer

Once you know the top websites, the next question, “Why hire a freelance software developer?”  Because freelance software developers are skilled and their rates are affordable. Freelance software developers provide the data at a given time or get bad ratings. Here are some benefits that elaborate why a freelancer software developer is best.

Flexibility hours to work

Freelance software developers work independently and do not have any fixed time to work. They completed their project according to the deadline and did not ask for leave. They have to work and get paid.

Cost saving

Software freelancer is much cheaper than full-time developer.   Full-time employees need their space for work, equipment, and other expenditures. As software freelance developer, they did not need any other benefits. You have to pay their fees and get your work done.

Qualities to find freelance software developers

You must know some qualities before hiring a freelancer. Moreover, these qualities help you to choose the right freelancer.


A freelance software developer must have flexibility with their work. They must meet the project requirements and set the schedule for the deadline.


Freelancers must be punctual and reliable to keep promises.  You can check it from the past customer references for the freelancer. You can interview with the software freelancer and evaluate it. Before starting the long-term process, it is good to do the short trial project and check the reliability of the freelancer.

Soft skill

A good freelancer must have a positive mindset and not have a lousy attitude. Once you start looking for the best freelance software developer, he must have soft skills like critical thinking, learning, communication, and team management skills. That helps you collaborate with them easily.

Technical skill

Technical skill is a key quality for a freelance software developer to check his technical knowledge about the project. Ensure that their previous work is related to your project and that they know the industry standard.  

Why Freelance developer better than a full-stack developer

Freelance software developers and full-stack developers are not the same. Freelance developers did not need workforce boundaries and had free time to work.  Freelance developers have the right to select or work on any project they want. As for Full-stack developers, they have work boundaries and have to work under the organization. After completing their work, they return to their organization for future work.


In the world, many freelance software developer websites provide professional developers at affordable prices. These developers provide the services of app development, website development, SEO optimization, and many other categories. Some websites like Upwork, Fiver, 99design, freelancer, and Guru can provide similar services in a vast range of categories in either Canada or all around the globe. However, Canadian software websites like Proud Pup Media, Work Hopper, Brainhub, Tekglide, and Mendel site are specifically Canadian freelance software developer websites where you can find freelance developers in your area or remotely.